NFA Warning

This upper receiver is designed to be used with the SWD M-11/9 submachine gun. NFA (National Firearms Act, Title 26, United States Code) rules apply to its use and possession. It is the owners/users responsibility to comply with all local, State and Federal laws and regulations in the use of this product.
Possession of this upper receiver with a semi-auto M-11/9 lower receiver is illegal and potentially dangerous.


The MAX-11k is a shorter version of the MAX-11 mk2. It is around 3" shorter at 12.23" long versus the 15.21" length of the MAX-11 mk2.

Eventhough it is shorter, the rate of fire is still reduced. Standard rate of fire is 740 RPM with higher rates of fire available with the addition of our Variable Buffer System (750, 950 and 1140 RPM).

MAX-11k Upper Receiver

The MAX-11k is a shorter version of the MAX-11 mk2. It is around 3" shorter at 12.23" long versus the 15.21" length of the MAX-11 mk2. Features include a full length M1913 compatible rail on top and bottom. Hard mount points for additional M1913 rails on right and left sides. Contained within the upper receiver is a heavy weight bolt assembly that telescopes over the barrel. The bolt weight is securely attached to the bolt assembly with two hardened cap screws- no welds to crack or break. This reduces the rate of fire (ROF) from 1,100 RPM down to around 740 RPM. Easily shoot single, double or triple round bursts- just count them off while its firing, it's that slow and easy. Due to the reduced ROF, muzzle rise is reduced and multiple rounds stay on target. 750, 950 and 1140 RPM rates of fire available with the optional Variable Buffer System (VBS-3). Rate of fire is approximate and varies depending on ammunition used. Side cocking, reciprocating charging handle on left side. Designed for use with removeable AR-15/M-16/M-4 sights (not included), or can be used with just a scope installed. Comes complete with upper receiver, permanently attached K-Grip, bolt assembly, cocking knob, barrel, bull nose thread protector and manual. The MAX-11k attaches to the stock M-11/9 lower receiver without any modification to the lower receiver.

The picture above shows a MAX-11 mk2 with additional Lage Mfg. accessories that are not included with the MAX-11 mk2 upper receiver. Registered lower receiver and magazine is not included.


1) Top Rail 10.3" 3) Cocking Handle (reciprocating) 5) Bull Nose Thread Protector
2) Side Accessory Rail Mounting Points4) 5-3/4 inch barrel length, removeable


  • Designed for use with a M-11/9 submachinegun lower receiver.
  • Requires no modification of the lower receiver to install upper.
  • 740 RPM standard rate of fire. 750, 950 and 1140 RPM rates of fire available.
  • Side cocking- Cocking knob located on left side. Cocking knob reciprocates with bolt.
  • 5-3/4" barrel threaded 1/2-28 at muzzle with Bull Nose Thread Protector installed
  • Barrel is made from chrome moly steel and finished in black oxide, rifle twist is 1:16.
  • 10.3" long Picatinny compatible rail along top for mounting a scope or removable sights.
  • Permanently Attached polymer K-Grip
  • Handstop in front of bottom rail to provide positive indexing and a repeatable grip.
  • Mounting points on left and right side of foregrip for mounting additional rails.
  • Steel shell deflector.
  • Upper receiver is manufactured from 6061 Aluminum and finished in hard coat black anodize.


  • Overall dimensions of MAX-11k upper receiver:
    • Length: 12.23"
    • Width: 1.45" to handguard, 2.30" to cocking knob.
    • Height: 6.42" (Top of Picatinny Rail to Bottom of K-Grip)
    • Weight: 2.92 pounds.

  • Overal dimensions of the MAX-11k when assembled to an M-11/9 lower receiver with a Lage Collapsible stock:
    • Overall length, Stock Collapsed- 14.62" Overall Length, Stock Extended- 21.62"
    • Width: 1.45" to handguard, 2.30" to cocking knob.
    • Height: 6.13"
    • Weight unloaded is 5.51 pounds.
    • Weight with a loaded 32 round magazine is 6.35 pounds.

  • Rate of fire: approximately 740 RPM

Use of steel cased, reloaded/re-manufactured ammo will void the warranty.