Extended Safety M-11/9, M-11A1, M-10

At last! An extended safety for the M-11/9, M-11A1 and M-10. Quit struggling with that little plastic safety that came on your subgun. This extended safety makes it quick and easy to positively engage and disengage your safety. Great for use in subgun competitions. Get on target quickly without fumbling with the safety. In "Fire" position, the extended safety protrudes in front of the trigger guard. Just pull on the safety with your trigger finger to engage the safety. In the "Safe" position, the safety protrudes inside the trigger guard only requiring you to push it forward with the front of your trigger finger. Very natural and easy to use. Great for left handed shooters. CNC machined from 1018 carbon steel, finished in maganese phosphate. Includes replacement roll pin and instructions for easy installation. Extended safeties are in stock and ready for sale.

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