Lage Manufacturing

"OEM" Folding Stock #353


This Folding Stock is similar to our "k" Folding Stock, but is designed for use with the OEM upper iron sights. This stock features a folding mechanism that folds the stock to the right side, up at a three degree angle to provide a generous clearance around the grip, trigger guard and ejection port. It is designed with a thinner profile to fold very flat and provide a slim package. The folding stock mechanism and stock cheek bar are made from black anodized 6061 aluminum and the buttpad is made from black polymer. The stock adapter that attaches to the lower receiver of the M-11/9 is made from 6061 aluminum and is finished in black anodize. Length from the butt to the rear of the stock adapter plate is 10-3/4". Available in lengths as short as 9-3/4".