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MAX-11S mk2 Carbine Upper Receiver- Standard

MAX-11S mk2 Carbine Upper Receiver- Standard #430


Backordered- Add to waiting list Side cocking upper receiver for the M-11/9 Semi-Auto Pistol or carbine. Features a full length accessory rail on top and bottom. Made from 6061 aluminum and finished in black, hard coat anodize. 16.1" barrel threaded 1/2-28 at the muzzle with flash hider installed. Cocking piece is non-reciprocating. Does not include a bolt assembly. #430



  • Description:
    These upper receivers are designed for use with M-11/9, 9mm semi-auto pistols or carbines. M-11/9 pistols were originally designed and manufactured by S.W.D. but have also been manufactured by Leinad, and more recently by Master Piece Arms (MPA). The S.W.D. guns are stamped with a "COBRAY" logo and are commonly referred to as being manufactured by Cobray. All of these manufacturers have also made carbine variants. Master Piece Arms makes many models of the M-11/9 including a shortened version (930 series). These upper receivers will only fit the full size M-11/9. They are only offered in 9mm caliber. Our Uppers will NOT work on the most recent MPA lowers that have a curved back or a glock magwell. The MAX-11S upper receiver was originally designed for the M-11/9 semi-auto pistol. It is also compatible with a full auto bolt and can be used with a registered receiver M-11/9 SMG. Features include a 12-1/2" long accessory rail on top and 3" long rail on the bottom. Hard mount points for additional rails on right and left side. The MAX-11S attaches to the stock M-11/9 lower receiver without any modification to the lower receiver and uses your existing retaining pin. Easy to convert- Remove pistol upper from lower receiver. Remove bolt assembly from your upper and slide it into MAX-11S upper receiver. Install upper into lower receiver and replace retaining pin. The picture above shows a MAX-11S with additional Lage Mfg. accessories that are not included with the MAX-11S upper receiver. Lower receiver is not included.
  • Features:

    Upper Receiver

    1) Top Rail 12-1/2" 2) Bottom Rail 3" 3) 16.1" 9mm Barrel4) Flash Hider
    5) Side Accessory Rail Mounting Points 6) Shell Deflector7) Side Cocking Handle (non-reciprocating)


    • Designed for use with a M-11/9 semi-auto pistol or carbine.
    • Compatible with full auto bolts for use with an M-11/9 SMG.
    • Requires no modification of the lower receiver to install upper.
    • Uses existing bolt assembly from your M-11/9 pistol.
    • 16.1" barrel threaded 1/2-28 at muzzle with "Birdcage" flash suppressor. Mock Suppressor available as an upgrade.
    • 12-1/2" long accessory rail along top for mounting a scope or removable sights.
    • 3" long accessory rail along bottom for grip, laser, light or other accessory.
    • Handstop in front of bottom rail to provide positive indexing and a repeatable grip.
    • Mounting points on left and right side of foregrip for mounting additional rails.
    • Side cocking, non-reciprocating charging handle on left side.
    • Steel shell deflector.
    • Upper receiver is manufactured from 6061 Aluminum and finished in hard coat black anodize.
    • Barrel is made from chrome moly steel and finished in black oxide, rifle twist is 1:16.
  • Specifications:
    • Overall dimensions of MAX-11S upper receiver:
      • Length: 21-7/8"
      • Width: 1-3/8" to handguard, 2" to cocking knob.
      • Height: 2-1/2" (2-3/8" to bottom of handstop)
      • Weight: 2 pounds 5 ounces.

    • Overall dimensions of the MAX-11S when assembled to an M-11/9 semi-auto lower receiver with a 8-1/2" stock:
      • Overall length- 30-3/4"
      • Width: 1-3/8" to handguard, 2" to cocking knob.
      • Height: 6-1/4"
      • Weight unloaded is 5 pounds, 4 ounces.
      • Weight with a loaded 30 round magazine is 6 pounds, 5 ounces.

      Please note, if you have any functional problems with your semi-auto M-11/9, please have it repaired by a qualified Gunsmith prior to installing the MAX-11S upper receiver. Installation of the MAX-11S will not resolve any pre-existing problems with your gun.

    Use of steel cased, reloaded/re-manufactured ammo will void the warranty.