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Lage Manufacturing

Type 1 Grip Plug

Grip Plug, Type 1 #800 & #801


Grip Plug, Type 1, M-11A1 (Large Magwell), M-11/9 and M-10/9
Grip Plug, Type 1, M-10/45
Our Type 1 Grip Plugs are the perfect solution to making your magwell useful while using one of our Drum Uppers or 5.56 Uppers. The grip plug features an easy to pop off cap that reveals what you’ve stored inside. Great for storing spare parts, a copy of your tax stamp, or whatever you want! Just pop it in your magwell and use the mag release to remove, just like using a magazine.

The M-11A1 Large Magwell, M-11/9, M-10/9 model has internal measurements of approximately 3.38" deep, 0.60" wide and 1.11" long. The M-10/45 model has internal measurements of approximately 4" deep, 0.83" wide and 1.30" long.

Material is Polymer.