MAX-10/45 Flat Top Upper Receiver

Features include a full length M1913 scope rail and hard mount points for additional M1913 rails on right, left and bottom of front handgrip. Bottom rail included. Contained within the upper receiver is a heavy weight bolt assembly that telescopes over the barrel. The bolt weight is securely attached to the bolt assembly with two hardened cap screws- no welds to crack or break. This reduces the rate of fire (ROF) from 1,100 RPM down to around 600 RPM. Easily shoot single, double or triple round bursts- just count them off while its firing, it's that slow and easy. Due to the reduced ROF, muzzle rise is reduced and multiple rounds stay on target. The MAX-10/45 attaches to the stock M-10/45 lower receiver without any modification to the lower receiver.

The picture above shows a MAX-10/45 with additional Lage Mfg. accessories that are not included with the MAX-10/45 upper receiver. Accessories are available below. Registered lower receiver and magazine is not included.


1) Scope/Optics rail (Mil-Std-1913) 11.8" 4) Lower Accessory Rail (Mil-Std-1913) 4"7) Cocking Handle (reciprocating)
2) Front Hand Grip 5) 9" inch barrel length
3) Front Grip Retaining Pin 6) Side Accessory Rail Mounting Points


  • Designed for use with a M-10/45 submachinegun lower receiver.
  • Requires no modification of the lower receiver to install upper.
  • 9" barrel threaded 7/8-9 at muzzle. Other barrel threads available.
  • 9.3" long Picatinny rail along top for mounting a scope or removeable iron sights.
  • Polymer foregrip with 4" bottom Picatinny rail attached.
  • Mounting points on left and right side of foregrip for mounting additional rails.
  • Side cocking- Cocking knob located on left side. Cocking knob reciprocates with bolt.
  • 600 RPM rate of fire. 800 RPM rate of fire alos available.
Use of steel cased, reloaded/re-manufactured ammo will void the warranty.