.22 Conversion Kit for the MAX-11.

MAX-11/22 .22 Conversion


The MAX-11/22 is a .22 LR Sub-Caliber conversion device for use with a Lage Manufacturing MAX-11 upper receiver.


Uses .22 LR ammunition allowing inexpensive practice, training and casual shooting.

"Drop in" installation requires no modification to the upper or lower receiver.

40 round polymer magazine.

Rate of fire is between 800 and 900 rounds per minute.

Image The kit consists of the following components:

1) Bolt Assembly
2) Cocking Knob
3) Barrel Insert and Ejector Plate
4) 40 Round Magazine
5) Magazine Loader
6) Magazine Cleaning Brush (not shown)

The standard barrel supplied with the MAX-11/22 is designed to be used with the 8-1/2" barrel with the "Birdcage" flash hider installed. The barrel insert will protrude from the barrel and will be flush with the end of the flash hider. This is to eliminate lead build up inside the flash hider.

If an aftermarket muzzle brake or flash suppressor is installed on the barrel, please note that lead and powder residue will build up and need to be thoroughly cleaned before using with 9mm. For ease of use and maintenance, you may prefer to remove the muzzle device while using the MAX-11/22.

The semi-auto function of the M-11/9 will not work, with this kit installed.


The MAX-11/22 is designed to use .22 Long Rifle ammunition. The recommended ammunition is Remington Golden 36 Gr. .22 Long Rifle. Use only bright and shiny ammunition of recent manufacture.

The following ammo also works very well with the M-11/22:

Winchester Super-X, 40 Grain 1300 FPS #X22LRSS1
CCI Mini-Mag HP, 36 Grain, 1260 FPS #0031
CCI Stinger, 32 Grain 1640 FPS #0050

Use only plated bullets to minimize leading of the barrel. Use of other ammunition may cause unreliable performance.

Use with a Suppressor

A 9mm suppressor can be used with the .22 kit but the 9mm suppressor will need to be cleaned after use to insure lead build up does not obstruct the baffle holes.
If your 9mm suppressor has a warranty from the manufacturer, check with them to see if using .22 LR ammunition with their suppressor will void the warranty.
For use with a .22 suppressor, the barrel insert will need to have a thread adapter fitted to it by a qualified Gunsmith.
Use with a suppressor will accelerate the rate of fouling of the bolt face area and the magazines.

Cleaning, Lubrication and Maintenance

Recommended cleaning interval is 500 rounds. More frequent cleaning may be required with suppressor use.

The semi-auto function of the M-11/9 will not work, with this kit installed.

Click hear to see video of MAX-11/22 burst fire and Mag' Dump (8.1 Meg)

Click here to see development history of the M-11/22 and MAX-11/22 kit.

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