M-11/9 Videos:

Stock SWD M-11/9

MAX-11 Speedbolt testing (2.63 Meg)

MAX-11, 3 round burst series at April 2006 Match (3.71 Meg)

Folding the Left Folding Stock

Uppers for the M-11/9 SMG YouTube Video

MAX-11Sk YouTube Video

MAX-11 mk2

MAX-11 mk2 with ZMag

MAX-31 mk1

MAX-31 mk2 and MAX-31A mk2


M-10/9 and M-10/45 Videos:

M-10 .45 Cal, stock configuration

MAX-10/9 and MAX-10/45 ROF Testing(5.33 Meg)

MAX-10/45 ROF Testing, Standard and Speedbolt(3.57 Meg)

M-11/A1 Videos:

MAX-11A1/380 Test Firing (3.20 Meg)

MAX-11A1/9 Test Firing (2.40 Meg)


MAX-11A1/9 mk2 Prototype

.22 Kit Videos:

M-11/22, burst fire and Mag' Dump (8.5 Meg)

M-11/22 Suppressed, burst fire and Mag' Dump (7.8 Meg)

MAX-11/22 burst fire and Mag' Dump (8.1 Meg)

Dual Wielding M-11/22s (2.95 Meg)

Rifle Stock Videos:

How to fold the MPX Left Folding Stock

Other Videos:

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