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Lage Manufacturing

Scorpion- Fixed Lage Stock

Scorpion- Fixed Lage Stock #332


This fixed stock is designed for use with the Scorpion rifle or registered Short Barreled Rifle. This stock is a combination of our Scorpion Stock Adapter and our Lage Polymer Stock. Can be converted into a folding stock by adding one of our folding stock mechanisms.
Three sets of #10-32 mounting screw holes in the stock adapter provide 11/16" (.69") of vertical adjustment. Slides and locks in place like the factory original stock mount, except with a tighter fit. This buttstock features a sling mount on the top rear of the buttstock. Stock adapter manufactured from 6061 aluminum and finished in flat black anodize. Buttstock is manufactured from glass reinforced nylon, this stock is not only strong, it is more comfortable to shoot in extreme cold or heat than an aluminum stock. Measures 9" from front to rear.Length of Pull (LOP) measures 12-1/2" from trigger face to rear of butt pad. Also available in 1" shorter lengths. Weight: 11 Ounces. 1/2" and 1" stock spacers are available to increase the length. Made in the U.S.A. and engraved "LAGE USA" on the bottom. #332