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Lage Manufacturing

MAX-10/45 mk2 Upper Receiver

MAX-10/45 mk2 Upper Receiver #501


Slow fire upper receiver for the M-10/45 SMG. Reduces the rate of fire (ROF) from 1,000 RPM to around 750 RPM. Features a full length accessory rail on the top and integrated foregrip with accessory rail on bottom. Mounting points on sides for additional accessory rails. Side cocking, reciprocating charging handle on left side. Designed for use with removeable AR-15/M-16/M-4 sights (not included), or can be used with just a scope installed. Comes complete with upper receiver, bolt assembly, cocking knob, barrel and manual. Drop-in assembly requires no modification to your lower receiver.

Barrel Upgrades-

The MAX-10/45 mk2 comes standard with a 7/8-9 barrel thread. The optional 5/8-24 thread is a common modern suppressor thread for .45 ACP. Select the option below, if you want the 5/8-24 barrel thread. The .45 ACP Flash Suppressor with 5/8-24 thread can be used with our 5/8-24 threaded .45 ACP barrels for the MAX10/45.

5/8-24 Barrel Uprade +$20.00

.45 ACP Flash Suppressor, 5/8-24 Thread +$20.00