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MPX- K-Stock, Right Folding, 5 Deg. Cant

MPX- K-Stock, Right Folding, 5 Deg. Cant #249


This right folding stock is designed for use with the MPX rifle or registered Short Barreled Rifle When folded, the stock swings down 5 degrees to provide ample clearance for the ejection port. The gun can be reliably fired with the stock folded. The thin profile of the stock allows it to lay very flat on the gun. Stock is made from 6061 aluminum and Delrin. Very light, but extremely strong.
Slides and locks in place like the factory original stock mount, except with a tighter fit. Stock adapter, folding mechanism and stock cheek bar manufactured from 6061 aluminum and finished in flat black anodize. Buttstock is manufactured from black Delrin reinforced nylon. Measures 10-3/4" from front to rear. Also available shorter lengths. Weight: 11.7 Ounces. Made in the U.S.A. These stocks will fit the MPX Gen 1 and Gen 2, but not the MPX Copperhead. #349


Installation Operation Video- How to fold the MPX left folding stock