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Lage Manufacturing

Cheek Riser

Cheek Riser #367 & 368


Cheek Riser (7-1/2" Buttstock)
Cheek Riser (8-1/2" Buttstock)
Our cheek risers dedicated to our 7.5" and 8.5" buttstocks sit up to 1/2" higher at their highest point and provide a more comfortable shooting experience.
Length is based off of the Buttstock that is used in your stock assembly. Our stock assembly lengths are overall length so an 8-1/2 Left Folding Stock uses a 7-1/2" Buttstock.
If you're not sure what length you need please contact us so we can assist you. The Cheek Risers will only fit our newest stocks which are shown in the photos.

Material is Polymer.