Lage Manufacturing

2-Piece Molded Grip, RPB Small Magwell

2-Piece Molded Grip, RPB Small Magwell #272


This molded polymer grip features one finger groove, ribs on the front, stippling on the sides, is more rounded on the backstrap than the stock grip and extends lower for a more full grip. It also features a "mag funnel" on the bottom. The thickness around the front and sides of the grip is only about 0.062" thick (same thickness as the metal in the M-11/9 upper receiver) except over the stippling and front ribs where it is a little thicker. Additionally, the rounded backstrap also makes for a more comfortable grip. Material is a hard plastic polymer, not rubber. Grip is two pieces and attaches with your existing grip screw. This grip is for the RPB and MAC .380 ACP guns that have the smaller magazine housing and take the smaller magazines.