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Lage Manufacturing

Shockwave 30-Round ZMAG for M-11/9 and SWD M-11A1 .380 ACP

Shockwave 30-Round ZMAG for M-11/9 and SWD M-11A1 .380 ACP #ZMAG30, #ZMAG30-6, #ZMAG30-12
30 round steel magazine for the M-11/9 SMG and Semi-Autos. Also works in the SWD M-11A1 .380 ACP SMGs (Large Grip). This is the best, most reliable magazine you are going to find. Lage Manufacturing highly recommends them. Uses standard steel SWD loader that came with your gun or the UpLULA Loader #UP60B. Shipping restrictions apply.

The all-new metal Shockwave ZMAG for the Cobray M-11 (9mm and .380) is MADE IN AMERICA. Its design is head and shoulders above the competition. Some exclusive features include:

  • Mag stop is a go/no-go feature in our opinion. It prevents over-inserting a mag into your gun and bending your ejector rod, which can quickly ruin your day at the range.
  • Robust, high-reliability feedlips are designed for optimal ammunition feeding. If you have a feedramp that's out of spec', resolve your feeding issues once and for all with the super-reliable ZMAG.
  • Anti-tilt, low-friction polymer follower ensures the utmost in reliability.
  • Wolff spring improves feeding reliability.
  • Compatibility with the factory Cobray loader and the Butler Creek Uplula lets you easily load your ZMAGs using these very handy loaders.
  • Works with all stock designs, including the factory folding stock.
  • Ammo witness holes on the left side of the ZMAG allow you to see remaining ammo at a glance.
  • Optimally placed mag catch.
  • Rugged black oxide finish will protect your ZMAGs for decades to come.
  • Ease of disassembly means no tools needed for cleaning.

The Shockwave ZMAG fits and functions in all M-11 guns that originally shipped with the Zytel magazines:

  • SWD M-11/NINE Submachine Gun (9mm)
  • SWD SM-11/NINE Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm)
  • SWD SM-11/NINE Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)
  • SWD M11-A1 Submachine Gun (.380)
  • SWD SM-12/380 Semi-Auto Pistol (.380)
  • LEINAD / FMJ PM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Pistol (9mm)
  • LEINAD / FMJ PM-12/380 AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Pistol (.380)
  • LEINAD CM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)
  • LEINAD TM-11/NINE AWB-Compliant Thompson-Style Semi-Auto Carbine (9mm)

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for your new Shockwave Technologies ZMAG’s or DC-31 Magazines : The ZMAG is a “self-leveling” magazine. Since DC-31 magazines are made with ZMAG’s they are also self-leveling. The ZMAG’s were designed to ensure that the bullets sit as high as possible so the bolt strips them from the magazine reliably. Due to this design the feedlips on the magazine may rub on the bolt. If your bolt closes when you insert the ZMAG or DC-31 magazine, you’re good to go. There are situations where a ZMAG or DC-31 magazine might sit too high in a particular firearm and the bolt hits the feedlips and stops. To remedy this, on an empty magazine, hand cycle the bolt about 50 times. This can easily be done by holding the trigger down and quickly working the bolt back and forth. Once the bolt freely clears the feedlips the magazine has been self-leveled and you are ready to shoot.
    Inquiries regarding warranty issues will be sent directly to Shockwave Technologies since they can best assist their customers.